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What a Family Medical Center Can ProvideĀ Family Medical Center

Family medical centers are not exactly a new concept, but in recent years they have been growing in numbers due to their popularity and increased demand for centralized health care. In these centers you may find services that may not be offered by a traditional primary physician, such as mental and dental health care. Not all of these centers provide these services, but it is important to note that some do.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing this setting for your health care needs is that they tend to be extremely patient focused. This means shorter waiting times for appointments, more time with physicians to be sure that all concerns are addressed and doctors that work together to ensure that nothing is missed and that the highest level of care is given.

Due to the fact that typically all of the doctors work together to provide the best care you will find that if your doctor is not available to see you at your convenience there is another doctor willing to see you so that you do not have to wait. In working as a team they will then report the information from the appointment to your regular provider so that they can review the treatment that was ordered and make sure that it makes sense given your overall health.

Another huge benefit, which is clear by the title, is that they care for the entire family. This of course makes it much easier to schedule appointments at convenient times, especially when there are multiple people in the family that are ill at once. In many when there is more than one sick person in a family they are likely sick due to the same virus or bacterial infection. This not only makes it easier on the family as traveling to multiple doctors when feeling ill is not pleasant, it also helps the doctor to make a firm diagnosis based on the symptoms and progression of the illness across multiple people.

Having a physician that cares for all members of the family also helps to document health conditions that may be passed on from parents to children. This can help the physician to keep an eye out for the early sign of disease, giving the children a better chance of regulating it before it becomes a bigger issue. As you likely know, physicians like to understand their patient’s family medical history and typically this is given through word of mouth. Having it seen first hand by a doctor and documented by them makes it that much easier to understand how it may affect the next generation.

In these centers it is not uncommon to feel that your doctors have become part of your family. In fact many boast that is one of their biggest goals. They have chosen the field that they have for a reason and usually take great joy in getting to know everyone in the family, learning about their culture and way of living. The closer the relationship that you have with your healthcare team the more likely it is that you will catch health issues before they become serious. This closeness gives the doctor the opportunity to known your usual demeanor and health state so when something changes it is obvious to them.

When compared to having a pediatrician for your children and an internist for you and your partner, it becomes increasingly clear as to why this model of care has recently exploded in popularity among families. Having everyone cared for in one place is convenient, optimizes the level of care and increases both the physician’s and patient’s knowledge of each other. If you are looking for a friendly environment that provides the highest level of centralized care for you and your family then a family medical center is likely the best choice for you.

Everyone is their best advocate when it comes to their health, but having a strong team of doctors on your side certainly is important as well. If you have not yet utilized this type of system now is the time to give it a try. Once you do you will see why so many have already made the switch to family medical centers.


Benefits of Family Physicians

Family physicians are doctors who take care of the whole family. They will build a strong relationship with the patient and his/her family members. Since a family doctor listens to the patient, they can help the patient make the right health care decisions most of the time. Family physicians usually take care of the physical, mental, and emotional health of his/her immediate patient and his/her family. If they cannot treat a specific condition, they will refer you to a specialist who is competent to treat such conditions. That’s why your first point of contact should be your family doctor whenever you or someone in your family is affected by a negative health condition. This read offers some of the important benefits of family physicians.

Family PhysiciansA family doctor is trained to deal with any kind of negative health condition of the patient. In fact, these professionals are trained in all areas of medicine. Hence, they can diagnose and treat a wide range of negative health conditions in their patients. The family doctor will refer you to a trusted specialist if your condition requires the attention of a specialist. Family doctors are up-to-date with the latest medical treatments and equipment. In fact, they should train for at least three years in a real practice setting. On the other hand, the majority of these doctors will continue to educate themselves. That’s why they are so up-to-date with the latest trends in the medical industry.

One important advantage of picking the right family doctor is they concentrate more on preventive medicine. In fact, a good family doctor will advise you and your loved ones on making the right choices to prevent negative health conditions and stay healthy and fit over time. That’s why you should find a good family physician even if you don’t have any health issue at the moment. They will help you steer clear of negative health conditions in the long run.

Finding a reputable doctor near you may not be an easy task after all. The first thing you should do is to talk to your friends, relations, and neighbors. They can recommend a reliable professional in the area if they are already visiting one. When you have the contacts of 3-4 reputable doctors in the area, you should visit or call the offices of these professionals to get more information about them. Check the office hours of the potential candidate. How many doctors are available in the office? Do they accept your health insurance? What hospital does the doctor use during an emergency? These are important things to know before you decide to select the best candidate in the area.

Once you visit the offices of these doctors, you should inspect the cleanliness of the office. Were you comfortable talking to the doctor? Did he/she explain things to your satisfaction? Did he/she answer all your questions? On the other hand, a good family doctor will have an affable personality. Hence, you will find it easier to build a long-lasting relationship with such a professional. A good doctor doesn’t depend on what he/she has to say but his/her ability to listen to the patient. It is all about building a sound relationship with the patient. A good family physician will listen to your story without rushing it or embellishing it. Hence, you have to look for these qualities in a good family doctor.

There are many online resources that list reputable and skilled physicians across the country. In fact, and are two of the best online resources where patients are able to post reviews of their family doctors. You can find some of the best doctors functioning in your area by checking some of these sites. That way you can easily pick the best primary care provider in your area. It helps you save a lot of time and effort in selecting a good physician in the area.

In conclusion, with so many primary care providers functioning in the area, you may find it difficult to choose the right family physician. There are numerous advantages of finding the best family doctor in the area. The aforementioned post offers information on the benefits of primary care physicians.


When Is an Urgent Care Clinic the Right Choice?

There’s no question that urgent care clinics are an important part of medical treatment. These are walk in clinics that focus on delivering a full range of important treatments and services that fall under the general umbrella term of “ambulatory care.” These clinics offer this high level treatment outside of a traditional emergency room, which leads to a wide variety of benefits. This gives some degree of serious care to people who have severe illnesses or injuries that demand immediate medical attention, but which aren’t necessarily bad enough to require an actual emergency room visit.

There are many different injuries and illnesses that fall in this gray zone, meaning there is a really major place for the urgent care clinic in the overall field of medical treatment. While you don’t want to make the mistake of mistaking the need for urgent care versus the need for emergency care, there’s no question that these clinics are set up to get the job done in providing excellent treatment for serious (non-emergency) situations.

Urgent Care ClinicWhat is Urgent Medical Care?

While this can seem really intuitive, the truth is that an urgent care clinic looks at a very specific set of issues. Emergency medical care and urgent medical care are two very different groups of health issues, and you want to understand the importance between the two. This is especially true since you always want to make sure you’re getting the appropriate level of treatment.

While this can sometimes be a gray area there are a couple good rules of thumb that can help guide you in the right direction. If the injury or illness is serious and requires treatment within 24 hours, but isn’t immediately life threatening, then there is a good chance that what is taking place would be considered moderately serious and therefor fall under the urgent care model.

This can include (but is not limited to)
– Severe sprains or strains
– Non life threatening injuries from accidents
– Moderate and consistent back pain or injury
– Basic breathing difficulties
– Cuts or gashes that require stitches (but not gushing blood)
– Serious fever, flu, or flu-like symptoms
– Important lab tests, x-rays, or other diagnostic services
– Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
– Minor broken bones

There are many situations that require for serious care without needing an emergency room visit and that is where these clinics really shine.

Not a Substitute for Emergency Medical Care

This is an important point to make about urgent care clinics. Even the best of these clinics aren’t set up for the immediate “save their life right now, we’re running out of time” type of situation. When it comes to emergency medical care, the one place to go is the nearest emergency room.

Anything that appears immediately life threatening definitely qualifies as emergency care, or any injury that can quickly roll out of control into a life threatening situation also counts. These tend to be extremely easy to notice because they’re not subtle.

A decent list (that once again is not all inclusive by any means) of many of the injuries that qualify as emergency include:
– Heart attack or severe chest pain
– Extreme difficulty breathing
– Compound fracture
– Broken ribs leading to punctured internal injuries
– Losing consciousness, having a seizure, or convulsions of any kind
– Heavy bleeding
– Knife or gun shot wounds
– Severe burns
– Poisoning of any kind
– Concussions
– Serious neck, back, or head injuries of any kind
– Sharp or severe stomach pains
– Any pregnancy related problem

Being Prepared for Medical TreatmentFamily Doctors

Even the best urgent care clinic isn’t going to be able to help out a lot without the proper information. Have a list of all the medications you are on, both prescription and non-prescription alike, as well as information on any of your allergies as well as any treatments you’ve had recently.

This information is critical to making sure you get the best possible care. In addition to this, doing a little bit of research ahead of time lets you know which clinics are in the area and therefore what medical clinics will be able to provide the services you need. Urgent care might not be the same as emergency care but it is still extremely important in order to get proper treatment and stay as healthy as possible.